My Bestie and I Took a THC cleanse. Weed Wednesdays July 2023

Hey everyone! I’m Krys, Poet, Rapper, educator and CEO of an amazing cannabis media company called GourmetGummy that focuses on Equity and also sells luxury Cannabis ancillary products. I run it with my best friend and the VP of gourmetgummy and an award-winning and phenomenal educator herself, Talia. We have smoked for a while at varying paces and amounts and decided to take a cleanse this month. Im like a take a few hits and put it out girl. I might smoke like 2 spliffs I’ve the course of a week, or 3 if I’m getting a lil crazy. I believe my bestie smokes like 2-3 spliffs a day. I’m taking a cleanse because I’ve experienced some heavy panic and anxiety attacks in June like over the course of 4/5 days and really wanted to check in with myself sans any psycho active aids. She’s taking a cleanse to practice control. Sometimes she feels like she just has to smoke and has not been able to successfully get past a week without sparking up. So here’s our journey so far.

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